Book Editing Services

Comprehensive editing, line editing, and proofreading

Congratulations! You’ve finished the manuscript you’ve been working on for so long. We know you want to get your work out as soon as possible, but let us help ensure that your book is bookshelf ready. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when publishing is to skip professional editing. When you read your own work, you might be seeing what you meant rather than what you actually wrote (you might not notice a missing word because, in your mind, it’s already there!). This is normal for the writer’s mind, but it can lead to confusion for the reader.

You need to have another set of eyes take a look at your manuscript, and our editors have the experience and expertise that will ensure your manuscript is pristine and ready for publication.

Our Editing Services


cost varies
  • Comprehensive Editing is our intensive developmental editing service and is intended to be the first step in the professional editorial process. Your editor will comb the manuscript and, using MS Word’s Comments feature, make suggestions for revision. For fiction pieces, your editor will identify opportunities to improve characterization, story arc, conflict, etc., and make specific suggestions for doing so. For nonfiction/technical works, your editor will make specific suggestions to improve overall organization, conciseness and clarity of language, etc. Once the manuscript has been revised, we recommend that you proceed to line editing, the next step in the editorial process.


$0.15 per word
  • Proofreading is to catch those last-minute accidents that may have been missed during line editing. It is assumed that all content is final, the only thing left is to expunge those final surface mistakes—typos, missing punctuation, etc.—to complete the editorial process using Word’s Track Changes feature. Proofreading is only for manuscripts that have already undergone comprehensive/content editing and line editing.


We do not accept all editing jobs. Books written by English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) authors, or books that are not yet ready for editing, may either be declined or incur an additional fee.

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