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I was told the fonts were not embedded in my PDF file. What does that mean?

When you create a PDF file of your book document you need to make sure you embed your fonts in the PDF file. This ensures that if the person who opens the document does not have the font you used on their computer that they are able to view and print the file with the font you used.

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How you embed fonts in your PDF depends on which program you are using to create your PDF. Below we will show you how to embed fonts from a Word document using Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word.

Adobe Acrobat

Microsoft Word Save as PDF (Available in Word 2010)

Verify your PDF has all fonts embedded

After creating your PDF it is a good idea to verify your PDF has all fonts embedded. You will need Adobe Reader to view your PDF and check your settings. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed by default. If you do not have it, or if you have an old version, you can donwload the most recent version for free here.

Author: Kimberly Martin