Book Design Wizard for Microsoft Word

Our Formatting Software Will Help You Design Your Book

Many self-publishing authors are "do-it-yourselfers" and want to tackle the task of designing their book on their own. For this purpose we have created our Book Design Wizard to help authors properly format their book using Microsoft Word.

To use, launch the Book Design Wizard add-on in Microsoft Word then:

Our book layout software will create a custom book template in Microsoft Word and give you additional tools to import your text, add drop caps, insert images, and more.

The settings used by the Book Design Wizard meet the requirements of most printers such as Lightning Source, CreateSpace, Lulu, and more.

The Book Design Wizard will make formatting your book a breeze and can save you the cost of hiring a professional book designer. Give it a try, and if you are not happy with the results let us know and we will offer you a $25 discount code to use toward our interior book design services.

I just purchased the Book Design Wizard and I can’t tell you how pleased I am! It only took a few minutes to download and configure and performed exactly as promised and then some. This was the best spent $ this year!" - Nick V.

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Please read the following software requirements before ordering the Book Design Wizard.

In order to use the Book Design Wizard you must have:

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Book Design Wizard Screenshots

Book Design Wizard Features

Below are some of the features you will find in the Book Design Wizard.

User Friendly:

Features an easy-to-use form in which you can enter your book's content as well as apply your choice of fonts and styles. Standard and default choices are set when possible for you to move through the form quickly.

Any Book Size You Need:

Enter the size of the book when filling out the initial form. The book size can be changed after the book is created if needed by using the included 'Change Book Size' tool. If you select the Book Fold option your book size will be set to 8 1/2 x 11 so that it can be printed on standard letter size paper.

Choose Your Font

Choose what fonts and font sizes to use for different areas of the book from a list of available fonts found on your computer. Includes a 'Font Previewer' tool that lets you preview the fonts to help you decide which to use. Standard fonts that are installed with Microsoft®Word are listed first in the list.

Chapter Title Style Choices

Select different style options for the Chapter Titles such as alignment, amount of spacing between the top margin and chapter title, whether or not to place a line beneath the chapter titles and chapter title letter spacing. Decide where you want new chapters to start in the book. Have them always start on the right (odd) hand page of the book or to start on the next immediate page following the previous chapter.

Paragraph Style Choices

Select the line spacing for the chapter paragraphs. Choose either single, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 or double spacing. Select the chapter paragraph first line indenting. Choose either a 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch or no indentation of the first line of each paragraph. If you choose to not indent, extra spacing between paragraphs will be used instead. A tool to remove the indentation of a specific paragraph after your book is created is also included.

Custom Running Heads

Select what you want to be displayed in the chapter page running headers, also called headers. You can select a different choice for the left (even) and right (odd) side pages. Choose either the author name, book title, current chapter title, text of your choosing or leave blank.

Creates Chapter Placeholders

Enter in all of your chapter titles in the initial form and to have each of the chapter sections inserted when the book is first created. You may also just enter some of the chapters (only one chapter title is required) and then add additional chapter sections later by using the 'Add New Chapter' tool.

Page Number Placement

You decide where you want you chapter page numbers to be inserted. Choose to place them at the top of the page, bottom of the page on the outside edges or centered on the bottom of the page.

Easily Import Your Book's Text

Each chapter and section created by the Book Design Wizard features an 'Insert Text' tool that will enable you to both place text copied from another document as well as type the text directly into the document.

Change Book Margins & Size

You may change the default book margins or book size at any time after the book is created by using the 'Change Book Margins' tool or 'Change Book Size' tool.

Quickly Insert Images

Insert Images into your document by using the 'Insert Image from File' tool. You may also include a caption for the inserted image.

Create Drop Caps

Add a decorative element to your chapter title pages by using the included Drop Cap tool.

Easy to Use Tools

A menu that includes all the Book Design Wizard tools and other Microsoft Word tools that you may find useful in working with your book can be found under the Add-In tab in Word 2007 and 2010 or as a floating toolbar in Word 2003.

Edit In Word

After the Book Design Wizard creates your book's layout you can work with the document in Microsoft Word just as you would any other document.

Customer Comments
Thanks so much for the Book Design Wizard. It is quickly becoming one of my most useful pieces of software. I just downloaded the latest version and was even more impressed." - Wayne
Your program is great--well worth the investment. I am very pleased." - Mark W. Weaver
The Book Design Wizard design has been a super handy tool. The most useful feature for me has been creating an index. Thanks for coming to the rescue. Never learnt this one in class and the Book Design Wizard made all the difference. It's really a complete Book Design Wizard from stage A to Z. Worth more than it's price for sure." - Eric Gondwe from
I just purchased the Book Design Wizard and I can’t tell you how pleased I am! It only took a few minutes to download and configure and performed exactly as promised and then some. This was the best spent $ this year!" - Nick V.
I have read a whole book on MS Word and still could hardly figure out how to add a header. With the Book Design Wizard, I didn't have to know anything except how to click and paste. This is easily worth twice as much as it costs, and I am surprised it doesn't cost more... Truly a simple and extraordinarily easy way to create a book! Thank you, thank you, thank you..." - Terry McGhee
I recently purchased and downloaded Book Design Wizard, from your website. I am so tickled to find something that not only serves my needs, but that exceeds my expectations as well. I cannot fully describe the joy I felt at how easily the installation was, and how wonderful it is to have it integrate so well with Microsoft®Word. Certainly Kudos! are in order, and a special thank you from this new user." - John Freitas
I love your product." - Bob
I love your formatting program! I just got book design wizard and I am delighted to see how easy it is to format my book." - Mati
I love this software. It was just what I needed." - Ceil
I am very happy with the Book Design Wizard. It made my project go so quickly." - Sandra
I used your book design wizard yesterday - it was tremendously helpful! I was tearing my hair out trying to create headers/footers/sections - now it's done thanks to your program." - Wendy
This program is the best around. I came upon it by accident, but I am surely grateful for my taking the time to read up on it and not dismiss it as another 'disappointing writing program'. I am truly happy!" - T. L. Rosser