Game Plan to Self-Publishing

The Game Plan to Self-Publishing

6 Plays to Bring Your Book to Life

Thinking about self-publishing? Then our free Game Plan to Self-Publishing guide is for you. This 6-play book will help bring your manuscript to life, taking you from a document of words to a printed and bound book, or an eBook, in just 6 easy steps.

Filled with helpful tips, articles, and video mentions, this is your go-to guide to fulfilling that lifelong dream of being an author. With journaling areas, budgeting charts, and best advice from Jera Publishing, all the information you need is packed in this easy-to-use book.

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Game Plan to Self-Publishing

The 6 Plays to Self-Publishing


Write your book


Research your options


Setup your business


Construct your author platform


Build your book


Market your book

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