Self-Publishing Package

Value Book Layout Package for Novels

Starting at $199

Are you a new author? On a tight budget? We get it! To help out new authors, or those with limited funds, we offer a Value Package that provides you with what you need to get your novel on the market with CreateSpace (Amazon), IngramSpark, or Lightning Source at an affordable and fair price.

Need it quick? No problem! We can typically return your job in one week or less.

Do you have a nonfiction book, or want more customization options? Check out our complete self-publishing packages.

Our Value Package Includes:


Interior Layout & eBook ($199)

  • Novels or simple memoirs with no images
  • Set to a classic book style (see sample)
  • Style settings: Adobe Garamond Pro, 11pts, chapter titles centered, running heads top/centered, page numbers bottom/centered, chapters start on next immediate page, no drop caps, no ornamentation, no table of contents
  • No customization allowed
  • Available book sizes: 5×8, 5.5×8.5, and 6×9
  • For CreateSpace, Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, or Lightning Source
  • Simple, text-only books with no quotes, block quotes, poems, headings (other than chapter titles), images, lists, bullets, endnotes/footnotes, index, or other special elements
  • 100,000 words or less; $10 per 10,000 additional words
  • 15 edits included with 1 round of revisions; additional edits are $1 per edit, and additional rounds are $10 per round
  • Professionally formatted in Adobe InDesign
  • Print-ready PDF set to your printer’s requirements
  • eBook conversion (ePUB & MOBI file formats)

Upgrade Your Style

Value Plus Add-on (+$50)

Upgrade your book’s look with the options below:

  • Chapter title page ornamentations (view options)
  • Drop caps
  • Chapter title alignment (left, center, or right)
  • Table of contents
  • Font size (10, 11, or 12pts)
  • Start new chapters on either the next immediate or next right-hand page

Add a Book Cover

Value Cover (+$45)

  • Simple cover layout set to the Value Cover design style as shown here
  • Selection of one image to use on front cover from our stock-photography source
  • No image manipulation or design changes
  • Back cover blurb text limited to 300 words
  • No author photo
  • Paperback and eBook covers (no hardcovers)
  • Deliverable: print-ready PDF, plus a JPG for marketing

Pre-Made Cover (+$99)

  • Choice of one of our pre-made book cover styles
  • We will switch out the title and author name on front cover to your own
  • We will replace the back cover blurb with your own
  • Once we sell a pre-made cover it is removed from our list, no one else will be able to purchase the same cover
  • No image manipulation or design changes, what you see is what you get
  • Back cover blurb text limited to 300 words
  • Paperback and eBook covers (no hardcovers)
  • Deliverable: print-ready PDF, plus a JPG for marketing

Pre-Made Cover Choices

Custom Cover (+395)

  • Consultation via phone or video conference with your book cover designer
  • Design of three initial cover concepts of your front cover
  • Two more design concepts, if needed, based on your comments
  • The use of up to three images from our stock photography source, (additional images used are $15 each)
  • Image manipulation, such as cropping, background removals, blending, and merging of multiple images is included
  • Paperback and eBook covers (no hardcovers)
  • Deliverable: print-ready PDF, plus a JPG for marketing

* Custom covers have a longer turn-around time than our Value and Pre-Made covers

Custom Cover Examples

Let’s get started!


Place your order by clicking the order button below.


We will send you a book questionnaire to fill out.


Send us your book’s manuscript as a Microsoft Word file.


We will format your book and eBook, as well as your cover design (if ordered).


You will receive print-ready files and your eBook files ready for submission.


Submit the files to your printer/distributor, such as IngramSpark, CreateSpace, and Amazon KDP.

Value Interior Layout

Below is how your Value interior book layout will look:

Value Plus Ornamentation Choices

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