Interior Book Design and Layout

You put a lot of time and effort into writing your book, so the look of your book’s interior should reflect that. Let us use our expertise to create a well-designed layout for your book that you can be proud of. We design books in a wide range of genres, including novels, nonfiction, poetry, illustrated children’s books, and cookbooks. From simple novels to complex designs, we can create a layout suited to your book’s needs and your budget.

Our Book Design Service Includes

  • The design of the entire interior of your book, including the title page, copyright page, front matter sections (dedication, acknowledgments, etc.), table of contents, chapter pages, and back matter sections, such as an “about the author” page
  • The ability to communicate directly with your book’s designer
  • A print-ready PDF of your book’s completed interior layout
  • Fifteen text revisions after the review of the formatted draft

We are familiar with the guidelines of all the popular print-on-demand (PoD) printers, such as Lightning Source, IngramSpark, and CreateSpace, and will design your book to meet the specifications required by your printer.

All of our design work is done in-house by our staff; your book will not be outsourced to another company. We always take great care in creating the best design we can for your book.

Ready to get going? The first step is to select the type of book you would like us to format below. Prefer to speak to us in person? Give us a call at 770-642-6400.

Step One: What Type of Book Do You Have?

A Novel or Simple Memoir

Your book is a simple, text-only book.

It consists of the following:

chapter titles
chapter text

But it does not have any of these:

block quotes
pull quotes
charts or graphs
endnotes or footnotes

or any other special elements

A Nonfiction Book

Your book is typical nonfiction book.

It has some or all of the following:

some images (up to 15)
block quotes
simple tables
some lists
charts or graphs
endnotes or footnotes

But it does not have any of these:

a lot of images
images with text wrap
complex tables
sidebars or pull quotes

or other complex elements

A Complex Book

Your book has a lot going on.

It contains some or all of the following:

a lot of images
complex tables
multilevel lists
images with text wrap
pull quotes

It might be one of these:

a cookbook
a photo book
a textbook
a workbook

or another type of complex book

Not Sure What Type of Book You Have?

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